One Month To Live

I’m reading an awesome book — “One Month to Live” and doing the exercises.  First exercise is to list (quickly without thinking too hard about it) the five things you’d do…do differently…if you knew you had finite time left.  Here is my list:


1.     I would write to my daughters and family.  It would either be a book or a web-log…probably a web-log so I could begin it immediately and post pictures <note to self:  go out and get that new digital camera!>  Since writing this I have (a) begun this new blog and (b) purchased the kewlest camera ever — Olympus Stylus.  

2.     I would make exercise, drinking lots of water and eating right a huge priority because I would want to be as fit and energetic as possible to live out these 30 remaining days.  I would probably wear my favorite outfits everyday and be as beautiful as possible instead of schlepping around in sweats! <Am I actually doing this up to this point…uh, no, not so much…but tomorrow I’ll start fresh!

3.     Get my financial affairs in order and pay attention to what I spend and where I spend it and my “house” in order and remove everything that I don’t use anymore…as well as making lists of what I need that would be useful for these last 30 days…get all communication devices in order (enable itouch to receive email) update all phone numbers/addresses — <yup doing this stuff>

4.     Make a list of everyone in my life…make amends, deepen friendships, write cards, remember birthdays, find out what my friends need and how I can help them…have regular weekly brunch or dinner and invite friends over…since writing this, I’ve had several lunches with girlfriends…and have made much more time for communication and time with friends and doing what really matters — loving people!>

5.     Walk more closely with God…Pray all the time…read the Word more and use the Word…be prepared to be in His presence (as much as a person CAN be prepared)



3 Responses to “One Month To Live”

  1. Oh I love the pictures here, Sister Immaculata! You are so beautiful, talented and dynamic. If I had 30 days to live, I’m thinking I’d split it up as follows:

    5 days with you and family
    5 days with Sue and family
    5 days with Valerie and family
    5 days with Momma and Dad
    5 days with my beautiful son, James (or I’d drag him along for the whole trip!)

    Then, I’d beg for just one more day. One more day to lay in the sand in Mexico on the beach and think about how that whole day meant a lifetime to me. Sometimes, it’s just one day at a time. That’s what I’d do.

    Then I’d lay down with my hands over my heart and I’d thank God. Because one lifetime is enough and one day is enough – to say thank you.

  2. Wait a second – I only took 25 days! I have 5 days left!

    I’d write for 5 days. That’s what I’d do.

  3. Beautiful pics and great site too!!! Heard of it via the DAB forums

    Have to say, I too would need to sit down and think if I only had a month to live what would I do…and do differently.

    Thank you for sharing yours!!!

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