One of life’s greatest pleasures…holding a brand new baby!

Aubrey, Emily and I delivered a home-cooked meal to a couple at church who just had their second baby…what a doll! I got to HOLD THE BABY. Anyone who knows me knows that I go gaga over babies and this just really floats my boat. I keep asking Darryl over breakfast if we can adopt six babies from China and he says “no” every morning. Maybe if I keep asking for six he will compromise and we can adopt three or four. I really want to run an orphanage and have hundreds of babies to care for so I really think I am compromising already in asking for less than a dozen!


One Response to “One of life’s greatest pleasures…holding a brand new baby!”

  1. Tessa Crothers Says:

    I agree totally with you. It’s is a gift from God. Something about holding a newborn baby or any baby sleeping is so very soothing to my soul anyway. Still to this day when I rock Tommy to sleep even though I have a million things I could do, it is so very hard to not just hold him while he sleeps in my arms. But lately, I don’t let things like that go anymore. I hold him for as long as I want too. I think you are an incredible woman and I am very excited to explore this site.

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