Family Reunion — Baker 2008

Sister Jan asked if we could use my blog space to communicate about upcoming Family Reunion in Branson, MO and I’m happy to oblige. If you have a message for me to post, just email me and even attach a photo if you wish. I’ll create a separate sub-heading so if you visit my blog and want to go straight to that info, just click on that section so you can avoid all the other info. If this doesn’t make sense, just hang with me and it will become self-explanatory.


One Response to “Family Reunion — Baker 2008”

  1. Well I’m just blown away, you fabulous excuse for a sister! Get out of here! I so love the pictures and your tales. You get on, girl! You’re just the best sister – in so many ways, Dear – that I could ever hope for. God love you good. So, will you create a place here for the Heretofore Unorganized Baker Family Reunion Fishing Event? I need an agenda place and an action list place. This is getting complicated! No worries though, it’s all just a bunch of fun here. Thank you, Sissie, for creating this place.

    I love you and all that you create, Jan

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