Imagine this: black tee-shirt covered in chocolate

I should be posting a photo of Emy’s black tee-shirt she wears to bed…covered in chocolate. But, out of human decency, I cannot do so. Turning back the clock a day or so…the story begins in our TV viewing room where Emy is watching a fav show with me (probably “last comic standing”) and the lower half of her face is covered in chocolate from smores she makes in the microwave. Upon further inspection, I notice her black night shirt she has worn to bed for several nights in a row is covered in chocolate stains. Of course, this sends me into schpeels of laughter and I tell her I must photograph her shirt and face covered in chocolate because it strikes me as so funny. Do you know what she had the nerve to say????…”why Mom? so you can blog about it”…well, yes, dearheart, as a matter of fact that is exactly what I was inspired to do…and since you didn’t let me photograph you, I am blogging about it anyway! Mama rules. And I only have 30 days to live, so be nice to me.


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