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Texas Cousins

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These are my dear, sweet, and precious cousins…Beverly and John…who both live in Dallas, TX. I wish I could see them more often but typically it’s only every two years at the family reunion. When we were kids, we had so much fun at our grandparents’ (Mom & Pop) Missouri farm. Pop was a cattle farmer and a Baptist Preacher…Mom was always in the kitchen fretting over getting his dinner out on time. She was also an incredible artist and painted many baptismal murals in churches all over (usually scenes of the Jordan / Gallalea / Nazareth Rivers I think). Pop had names for all his cows. Pop would tell us grand-daughters that we were his “fine, fine girls”. I think he called the grand-sons “lazy bums”. Kind of weird but that is probably just our strange family sense of humor. Mom hated gambling and cards of any kind…so at the summer festivals she would not let us go near the games that involved cards, even there was no gambling involved. They were wonderful people and provided us cousins with wonderful memories of picking blackberries, swimming in the creek by their farm, playing monopoly, a great tree fort that I don’t think I was allowed in, and candy dishes full of CANDY…a luxury that didn’t exist except at their home as far as I knew.


In Search of God (from Brian at DAB)

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Post from Brian at the Daily Audio Bible:

“The wide open places are always what I long for. Big sky, stars so vibrant and clear that they feel like they are collapsing in on me, a horizon that allows the sun to burn it’s way into the earth itself for the evening. This is what my heart almost always desires and I have a reservoir of memories I’ve collected over the years from which to draw when life is pressing from all sides to suffocating proportions.

When I consider the times that I go in search for God; when I feel the Holy Spirit summoning and inviting me away to regroup and re-connect I’ve found that these are the richest moments in life for me. The paradox is I have a hunch this is how we are supposed to feel most of the time. I’m not talking about vacation here. I’m talking about peace, joy, openness and truth. A reality that is real and not filled with relatively meaningless activity. The evil one is The Great Counterfeiter and when we start looking over our lives it’s staggering. We exchange wide open space for a wide screen TV. We trade the stars for glimmering commercialism. We trade an open, free life of faith for the chains of obligation.”

Brian, we (Darryl and I) have been pondering the same thoughts this week. We are coming to the realization that we need Him desperately and when we allow our day to carry us away without going to Him the very first thing in the morning…the day simply is empty and filled with frustration and confusion. This may seem elementary to very mature Christians…but we are soaking up the reality that we NEED Him…LOVE Him and are empty without Him. Quite simple really. He is everything to us.

This is a picture of my Dad taken at Branson, MO family reunion

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So this is what it feels like to be relaxed…

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Here I sit back in the old green easy chair in our office…air conditioner running, feet up, tummy full, happy. I can hear my daughters laughing and talking in the tv room where they are watching Seinfeld or something. I have been off work most of the summer but have stayed incredibly busy. Today, just as of today, I am officially relaxed and un-wound from the school year. As I look at the calendar, I realize that in two weeks I return to school/work full time and the hectic college fair season begins. Darryl is gone to our weekly prayer meeting at church and should be returning soon. He is going to cook chicken on the grill. How simple and how calm life is right now…right here in this very moment. There are sheets to be put on the bed…the dishwasher needs to be unloaded. My normal state-of-being keeps me in a fast-paced panic but I am so chill right now that I am content to let it all wait. I need to enter into this rest more often.

After Midnight — we are home from reunion!!

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Too tired to write post but just to let family know…we are home safely from 12 hour drive home from reunion in Branson, MO. Trip should have taken only 10 hours but we stopped at Harley store…stopped to eat at kewl diner on Route 66…and numerous potty breaks! We had a ball at the reunion and a wonderful drive home…everyone is safe and in their beds. We even picked up Molly (our golden) from her sitter so even she is home now. Thank you God for safe travels and a wonderful time with family!! <photo is taken in front of fabulous bar-b-q place in Branson — Danna’s. Sooooo good!!!

Summer is for…

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…sitting on the deck for hours laughing at dogs. We babysat our neighbors puppy (the cream-colored golden retriever in photo) on Saturday. We had her leashed to a stake in the ground so she couldn’t run away…our dog was off-leash because we knew she wouldn’t leave the puppy — her best bud and playmate. Our dog kept taunting the puppy with a stick and they played tug-o-war and our dog Molly would then take it just beyond her reach as if to say “na…na…nananannanaaa”. We ended up having to put our dog on leash at the stake because she began wandering off. It was puppy pay-back time. These photos show the smaller puppy leading our dog Molly around by her leash in her mouth…we watched this for probably an hour just laughing our proverbial socks off.

Dogs on Hogs

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Sunday brunch in Waynesville after church last week…hotter than hades…rode the bike…Pomeranians in sunglasses, wearing leather jacketletts, sitting on Harleys…to promote fund-raising for Waynesville Dog Park. Cuteness x infinity.