Special Needs Date Night — Most beautiful girl award!

Most beautiful girl at “special needs date night” at our church (far hills community church) goes to MY special needs girl. I just love this little girl. I think it is ironical that they call it “special needs” date night. They are referring to the kids who are experiencing autism, downs syndrome and other labels…but the truth is, that we — the volunteers — who help babysit the kids while the parents go out for a date once a month…we volunteers are the ones who have “special needs”. I can only speak for myself, but I have a need to do something in this world that matters…to make a difference…to bring a smile to a child’s face…to a parent’s face…I have a special need to connect with the other people at my church who I see on Sunday but I have a desire to connect with them on a really human level.


2 Responses to “Special Needs Date Night — Most beautiful girl award!”

  1. What a FANTASTIC thing to do. I have a nephew who is autistic and their family spends so much time giving to him. I know that every family of a special needs child could use some time to themselves and you have made it easier on them.

  2. everythinginorder Says:

    Melody — it is so much fun for the volunteers and we know that the parents truly appreciate the time off just to have a normal “date”…something we take for granted is a big deal to them. My husband and I have been involved for a little more than a year and we look forward to it every time. Even on days when we’re dog tired, we leave so fulfilled and jubilant.

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