One of my fav destinations — El Meson!

OMG…our lunch last Friday at El Meson was so incredibly good! It was beyond good…it was blog-worthy! I had a lightly dressed salad with perfectly grilled (on cedar plank?) salmon…with garlic infused potato salad and crisp plaintains…D had a fish (tilapia I think) taco that was DEE-vine!! So, boys and girls…if you need a getaway lunch or dinner and want to feel like you’ve LEFT Dayton…this is the place. They also have a very kewl gift shop that winds throughout the front entry. Another great thing about this restaurant, is they have covered outdoor seating which is very romantic during the evening (kind of hot during day though)…and outdoor heaters for the cooler months. Great thing #101 is that you can wear jeans or shorts…OR you can dress up…doesn’t matter either way…that’s MY kind of place because often we ride the Harley to dinner/lunch. Did I mention I have the best husband in the world? Well, yes he is because he takes me there when I need to feel flirted with. Going there feels like a real date…just like it was BEFORE we got married.


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