Summer is for…

…sitting on the deck for hours laughing at dogs. We babysat our neighbors puppy (the cream-colored golden retriever in photo) on Saturday. We had her leashed to a stake in the ground so she couldn’t run away…our dog was off-leash because we knew she wouldn’t leave the puppy — her best bud and playmate. Our dog kept taunting the puppy with a stick and they played tug-o-war and our dog Molly would then take it just beyond her reach as if to say “na…na…nananannanaaa”. We ended up having to put our dog on leash at the stake because she began wandering off. It was puppy pay-back time. These photos show the smaller puppy leading our dog Molly around by her leash in her mouth…we watched this for probably an hour just laughing our proverbial socks off.


One Response to “Summer is for…”

  1. You are so right. I was just saying how summer was feeling a lot how it felt during the school year- rushed, planned, predictable. We really need to slow down these last few weeks. Thanks for the reminder.

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