In Search of God (from Brian at DAB)

Post from Brian at the Daily Audio Bible:

“The wide open places are always what I long for. Big sky, stars so vibrant and clear that they feel like they are collapsing in on me, a horizon that allows the sun to burn it’s way into the earth itself for the evening. This is what my heart almost always desires and I have a reservoir of memories I’ve collected over the years from which to draw when life is pressing from all sides to suffocating proportions.

When I consider the times that I go in search for God; when I feel the Holy Spirit summoning and inviting me away to regroup and re-connect I’ve found that these are the richest moments in life for me. The paradox is I have a hunch this is how we are supposed to feel most of the time. I’m not talking about vacation here. I’m talking about peace, joy, openness and truth. A reality that is real and not filled with relatively meaningless activity. The evil one is The Great Counterfeiter and when we start looking over our lives it’s staggering. We exchange wide open space for a wide screen TV. We trade the stars for glimmering commercialism. We trade an open, free life of faith for the chains of obligation.”

Brian, we (Darryl and I) have been pondering the same thoughts this week. We are coming to the realization that we need Him desperately and when we allow our day to carry us away without going to Him the very first thing in the morning…the day simply is empty and filled with frustration and confusion. This may seem elementary to very mature Christians…but we are soaking up the reality that we NEED Him…LOVE Him and are empty without Him. Quite simple really. He is everything to us.


One Response to “In Search of God (from Brian at DAB)”

  1. Carol,

    It’s an honor that anything I’ve said would find it’s way onto your blog and it’s comforting to know there is a growing army of people who are finished with living asleep. To succeed in a life of faith we certainly do need a daily measure of the Bible and it has made all the difference in my life. What once way cryptic, difficult and even outright boring has become the bedrock of life. Thanks for passing the word along.


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