Texas Cousins

These are my dear, sweet, and precious cousins…Beverly and John…who both live in Dallas, TX. I wish I could see them more often but typically it’s only every two years at the family reunion. When we were kids, we had so much fun at our grandparents’ (Mom & Pop) Missouri farm. Pop was a cattle farmer and a Baptist Preacher…Mom was always in the kitchen fretting over getting his dinner out on time. She was also an incredible artist and painted many baptismal murals in churches all over (usually scenes of the Jordan / Gallalea / Nazareth Rivers I think). Pop had names for all his cows. Pop would tell us grand-daughters that we were his “fine, fine girls”. I think he called the grand-sons “lazy bums”. Kind of weird but that is probably just our strange family sense of humor. Mom hated gambling and cards of any kind…so at the summer festivals she would not let us go near the games that involved cards, even there was no gambling involved. They were wonderful people and provided us cousins with wonderful memories of picking blackberries, swimming in the creek by their farm, playing monopoly, a great tree fort that I don’t think I was allowed in, and candy dishes full of CANDY…a luxury that didn’t exist except at their home as far as I knew.


One Response to “Texas Cousins”

  1. John Baker Says:

    Carole, This blog is so full of life, I find myself re-reading the same articles ’cause it’s so good!
    We had so many good times in Jefferson City and the Farm. They alwas had RC-Colas & plenty of Root-Beer. I remember Pop taking us to the Barber for a 2-bit hair-cut, our barber in Dallas was not amused! Yes Monopoly was fun but Mike was very serious and always won. When I was 14, Pop would let me drive the car to church, I rember taking a phone-book to the car to sit-on, he said “If you need that, I’ll drive, well I can’t tell you how fast I got rid of that prop! He call us boys “You Big Bums”, we knew he loved us.

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