I am so NOT the most excellent blogger

Gentle Readers…FYI, I am so NOT the most excellent blogger. This is all new to me ya know. I have only been hunting and pecking my way through this new-fangled thang called “the blawg”. For example, in last post where I posted five photos of our trip to Amish Country with Danny & Elaine, I uploaded the pics as a “gallery” instead of individually and now I see you can’t click on em to see em bigger. So…I think I shall revert to the old style of loading only one pic at a time and type something really clever to go with. I am sooo relaxed from our long weekend that I have zero or zilch motivation to do a thing….hahahah heeeee!!!!! Now this is relaxation. Being able to accomplish nothing and feel happy about it. Now THAT’S an accomplishment!


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