Silent Night, Holy Night

Funny how closely holidays and holy days sound when you speak them.  I’m trying to realize and stop…be in the moment…listen closely for “silent night, holy night…all is calm, all is bright…”  There seem to be two tracks (as referred to in Sunday’s  sermon by Don Solin yesterday…you can see it by visiting ). One track is racing towards Christmas day when the presents will be given and received…paper flying, hugs given for gifts received, some joy, some disappointment…the gifts, the stuff of Christmas holidays.  The other track is is that track that years for the deeper meaning of Christmas.  Who was Jesus?  Why did He come as a baby to die to be our savior.  What is Christmas really all about?  Why did God arrange such an elaborate plan of salvation and why did Jesus have to suffer…this precious baby that we sing about, lying in a manger.  A King who came to save us but came in the most lowly manner.  Okay then, having now typed all that, I come to no conclusion at all.  All I can do is sit here and try to hear the silent night, holy night…and not get caught up in the noise.  I just want to hear His voice.  I only want to sense His presence, feel His touch.  That is my deepest longing.  To know Him.  Just a glimpse.  Everything else is meaningless.  Of course, I appreciate the lights, the presents, the smells, the friends & family…but the sweetest, most beautiful and satisfying moment I can conjure is only found in the peace of Jesus…it is indescribable.  It is silent night, holy night.


5 Responses to “Silent Night, Holy Night”

  1. Carole –
    Thanks for sharing your writing. Good thoughts and interesting way to unfold it all.

  2. Ha– nice to be quoted– and glad you got it right– He, the baby Jesus– the gift given with no strings attached– can’t be earned– can’t be gotten by behavior– just by faith alone– Badda Bing
    Merry Christmas
    Psalm 40

  3. I agree, it’s hard to shut out the noise of the Holidays, but the laughter, singing, and commotion help us connect to each other, one of the signs of peace on earth.
    Thanks for your expression of longing for that inner sense of joy.

  4. Beautiful. One of my most satisfying moments this Christmas was singing Silent Night in our church vespers service. The auditorium was lit from hundreds of little candles; no accompanyment, just our voices reverent and sweet; the Holy Spirit filling our hearts with quiet love and joy.

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