Practical Tip #1 on getting organized — BEFORE pic

If you have a closet or a space that you just can’t get yourself motivated to dive into…set your kitchen timer for 15 minutes…that’s it, just 15 minutes.   Go tackle your disaster spot or closet for 15 minutes and continue this every day.  You will notice that little by little, you will get through it!  Our problem is that we get overwhelmed but we can handle little 15 minute chunks of time.  Here I go to tackle my disaster area…ready, set, GO!!  This is a photo of my cluttered office space.



One Response to “Practical Tip #1 on getting organized — BEFORE pic”

  1. everythinginorder Says:

    I apologize to everyone who has commented that my “before” pic of my desk still looks better than their “after” pic. I will find a much more chaotic space next time to feature 🙂

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