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Just be you

Posted in Christianity / Spirituality, nothingness blawgalishness, twitter on January 31, 2009 by Carole Hicks

It sounds cliche but these last few weeks I’ve learned the wisdom in “just being me”. When I originally began my journey (or shall we call it an experiment?) on Twitter, I didn’t want to be perceived as one more person jumping on the “social media expertise” bandwagon. I purposely downplayed the business side of my skillsets and described myself on twitter like so: “Christ-follower. I love biking, blogging and baking.” The three B’s are supposed to be kind of funny because they all start with B. Yes, I know my sense of humor is weird.

Lately, I’ve received several inquiries from some rather influential and successful people via twitter. I asked one of these people “what attracted you to click through to learn more about me from twitter to my blog”. His answer totally shocked me. He said: “I was interested in learning more about you because you love to bake.”

My takeaway this week is to revel in your uniqueness. Just be who you are. And to repeat a phrase I heard eons ago, but it still works today “God didn’t make no junk”. Word.


What do Curtis Estridge and Liz Strauss have in common?

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What do Curtis Estridge and Liz Strauss have in common?

Answer: They both rock.

I hired Curtis to give my blog a professional facelift. He created this awesome header using motorcycle pipes and colored pencils (because my readers are so intelligent I will not explain the symbolism!). I met Liz Strauss on Twitter and to my surprise she actually talked to me and asked if I would be interested in some web-blog tweaking. Her comments were eXtremely mega-helpful. Read about it on her blog. You’ll see some before and after pics of my blog layout. I couldn’t be happier with the improvements.

By the way, Curtis Estridge and his partner, Gerrard Wise, are both graduates of the school of advertising art in Kettering/Dayton, Ohio.

Curtis was awesome to work with. He spent almost a day at my house tweaking my site and making it beautiful. His fees are very affordable and he is reliable, honest, dependable and everything else you’d want in a designer/artist!

Guy Kawasaki – best use of time is Twitter or Blogging?

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Guy Kawasaki at this week. I’m still trying to get my mind wrapped around one of Guy’s comments. When asked “what is a better use of time: keeping my blog up-to-date or investing time into Twitter?” His answer really surprised me. He said Twitter. I’d love to find out why he said that. What do YOU think?

God and the socks

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If you are one of the tens of people who lurk about here, and if you know me even a little bit, you know that “having a place for everything and everything in it’s place” is a motto I try to live with but never quite achieve. Okay, now that I’ve set the tone let me explain why you’ve logged on here and see a photo of my husband’s socks laying on the floor.

I’ve been married to my best friend for seven years now. In those seven years I have begged and pleaded with him to put his socks away and NOT LEAVE THEM ON THE FREAKING FLOOR!!! Are you with me? Do you feel my passion. I think it is more than disgusting to bend over and pick up dirty socks like picking up a dead mouse my cat has killed in the backyard. Ewwww!

Okay then, so after all these years of expressing my utmost displeasure at his horrible habit of leaving his socks on the floor, do you think it has changed his behavior one bit? I’ll give you a minute to ponder.

Correct, the answer is NO.

However, as I study scripture and use the Bible as a compass to chart my way through life, I cannot find anywhere…believe me I looked…any kind of admonition to our dear brethren, our brothers in the Lord, our sweet husbands, the kings of our castles…that they should strive on a daily basis to pick up their stinking socks. If I could find the scripture, I would print it out in beautiful typography with a gold frame and hang it where he can see it.

Sadly enough, I do find scripture in Proverbs about how a NAGGING WIFE is like a dripping faucet and in another place how it is better to live in the corner of an attic than in a big house with a nagging wife. This strikes me as hilarious because wasn’t this stuff written like a million years ago…you mean they had nagging wives back then, too? Maybe some things never change.

I suppose you wish I’d get to the point so here tis: I very humbly and sincerely asked God to give me some kind of little reminder every day…kind of like a “God tickler file”…something to remind me daily to pray for my husband. You got it. The socks are the reminder that God has set up for me. It’s just like Him to do this in a funny, creative way. I love that about Him. Today’s prayer for my husband, as I picked up his socks went something like this

“God, bless this sweet man. These are the socks he wore yesterday afternoon as he chopped the remaining chunks of firewood in our backyard so I would have fire in the potbelly stove all day. Thank you that today he has a job to go to…that he is healthy and strong…I pray that you will protect him as he drives through the snow and ice…Thank you God for softening my heart and turning me into a beautiful wife instead of nagging, b*@#Cthy wife like that woman in the Proverbs. Amen.”

Mad Church Disease is almost here!

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I just got word that “Mad Church Disease – overcoming the burnout epidemic” is in the mail from Amazon. I pre-ordered it cuz I am excited times infinity. I’ve grown to really admire the author, Anne Jackson, from stalking her, I mean reading her blog at

You can check out a chapter of the book at

Time for a nap now…and just so you know, I have a sink full of dishes and laundry undone, a house full of disarray. Yes, me, the queen of sometimes order is in disarray.

It’s wild baby.

Not afraid to admit when I’m wrong

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My view on twitter and followers is changing by the day or maybe by the hour. Whereas a few days ago I was stoked about the high number of followers, it was because I was actively following others in hopes they’d follow me back so my numbers would rise.

I was wrong.

Who you follow (doh! just like real life) makes all the difference in the world. My new take on this is be choosy about who you follow on Twitter. Don’t be concerned about your numbers. Relax.

I tend to learn my most valuable lessons by making mistakes.

So, follow me, if you dare.

Randomness and Twitter Counts

Posted in nothingness blawgalishness, Organize, twitter on January 22, 2009 by Carole Hicks

Funny the difference a day can make. At the risk of you all referring to my as “Sybil”, I think I am changing my entire stance on “quality vs quantity” on Twitter. Now that I’m inching very close to 1,000 followers, I am also beginning to delete some of MLM peeps and snake-oil salesmen. Having said that, there is something wonderful about enjoying the randomness of meeting all kinds of people from all over the world, with all kinds of viewpoints and backgrounds. This is all still so new to me that I’m enjoying discovering as I go. (Note to self: find out what Tweetdeck is.)