how to organize your stuff — Tip Numero 4 — think “space”

I can’t take credit for this system…but I can tell you I’ve used it often for myself and others and it WORKS!

If you are facing a mound of stuff to put away…an overstuffed closet, a box filled with odds & ends in your office…a garage or basement filled with clutter…this tip is for you.  Think “space”.

S — is for Sort.  Without analyzing each thing that you touch, sort all the things in this place into piles according to subject matter.  For example, in your garage, you might sort into piles of sports things, gardening things, etc.  Again, don’t think about it, just sort into subject piles into  separate areas.

P — if for Purge.  Now that your stuff is in piles according to subject, remove items that you are ready to get rid of whether they go into the trash or a box labelled “donate” or whatever.

A — is for Assign a space.  Now that you can visually see how much space you need for all those gardening tools, figure out a cabinet, shelf or area that they will fit into and is accessible. 

C — is for Containerize.   Maybe the grouping requires some new tupperware totes or some other kind of new container that you can label.  I love to use baskets for storing things because they appeal to me visually.

E — is for Equalize.  Now that you have your stuff organized and put away, you will need to re-visit this stuff once in a while to sort and purge again.  If you leave it for too long, it will go back to the way it was before.


One Response to “how to organize your stuff — Tip Numero 4 — think “space””

  1. Great tips, I will remind myself of this when doing my purges. Especially this time of year, everyone is cleaning out and starting fresh. Thanks

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