Tip #5 – Mom was right — make your bed!

Did your Mom nag you to make your bed?  Mine did and I thought it was a ridiculous thing to obsess about…I’m just going to get right back in it in 12 or so hours and mess it up again, right?  What’s the point?  Here’s the deal internet peeps:  Your bed probably on average takes up about 85% or so of the total square footage of your bedroom.  If every time you walk in or out of your bedroom you see your bed unmade, on a subconscious level sends you a message that your life is “out of order”.  If, however, you make a habit of always having your bed made up when you are done sleeping, you will be sending yourself a message that life is headed in the direction of being organized.  As I type this, it sounds silly but if you try it, you’ll see what I mean.  Now…GO MAKE YOUR BED!  Your mama will be proud.


11 Responses to “Tip #5 – Mom was right — make your bed!”

  1. Loved this post and your humorous way of approaching it!
    I have to say, I totally agree – a made bed does affect the psyche!
    Thanks for following me on Twitter.

  2. My Mom would always say that. I remember my first day at college and my parents helped me move in. One of the first things my Mom did was make my bed. I think she said something along the lines that it would help me feel better and more at home. I never forgot that! http://www.judiesjuice.wordpress.com

  3. These are words that I would like to put on a plaque of some kind in our upstairs, bedroom and private living quarters… It’s something we drill into our children but struggle to do ourselves! Great input/incentive!

  4. everythinginorder Says:

    Thank you Judie and Liz! You have my permission to print this out, frame it and hang in your hallways.

  5. Ok. I admit. I was previously a cover neglecter. I didn’t have to register with the state or anything but I was seriously hindered in the bed-making discipline. My thought….why make this when I’ll be back in it in a few hours? And that was so true in my college years!! But once I was given “grown-up” responsibilities (notice I didn’t say I had grown up), and a husband who likes a made bed, I had to FIND

  6. oops. I hit “submit” too soon! …..anyways, I had to FIND a reason to waste great, stored-up energy for this task. Well, I found the statistic you mentioned and low and behold…it was a revelation from God…I know it was! It worked! been making my bed ever since. And really loving getting back in it no later than 8:30pm!!!!

  7. That’s definitely an interesting way of looking at it. Everything feels more chaotic when your surroundings are messy!

  8. AMEN to that sista!!!

  9. I love my bed and always, always make it as soon as I get up. My mother taught me to never leave the house before making my bed because you never know what might happen. Someone may come into your house while you are gone, or, heaven forbid, you could get into an accident and wind up in a hospital bed causing someone to go into your bedroom to bring you some of your personal belongings and they would see that you didn’t make your bed! And, of course, my mother also always said “you made your bed, now lie in it” which she couldn’t say if I didn’t make my bed.

  10. everythinginorder Says:

    Elaine, as morbid as this may sound, one of the reasons I’m slightly concerned with “order” is that I too am concerned that I will actually die one day and people will open my closets and drawers and say “oh my gosh, she was so messy!”. My dream is that when I die, people will look through my things and comment “oh, that dear sweet Carole, she was always so organized”. LOL!!

    Thanks for posting the comment, E.

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