True Story – my Twitter following increased by 100 in 24 hours

I’ve had a few inquiries as to how I went from 500 to over 600 Twitter followers in only one day. (For those of you reading this who don’t use Twitter, Twitter is like facebook on steroids. If you don’t use facebook, I don’t know how to describe it. You have to experience it to understand it.) The following advice is just off the top of my head and written in normal, girlfriend-to-girlfriend speak — I am not, I repeat, I am not a technical guru. I’m just like you.

1. Don’t worry about the possibility of following or being followed by someone creepy…if someone ends up being creepy, you can simply remove them from your list. Twitter is NOT facebook. You won’t necessarily always know your followers and the folks who follow you. Don’t be so paranoid. It’s a brave, new world.
2. Don’t get into the Twitter ring thinking this will be a “get rich quick” scheme. If you are someone who markets to the masses and tries to spam on this place, you will be ignored mostly. It won’t work.
3. If you like to help people and find solutions to problems, you will find your way here easily.
4. If you copy and paste something someone else says, post their name and an “@” sign before their name — also put “RT” at beginning of post, which stands for “retweet”. This is common courtesy on Twitter — giving credit to the originator of the post. When you give credit to tweepls, you will be respected and thanked.
5. Click on “followers” every day and follow everyone back with a thank you note by DM (direct mail)
7. If you are looking to increase your numbers to increase your credibility, go to a well-known social media person (Liz Strauss, for example) and follow them…then begin to follow who THEY follow.

That’s it for now. If this was helpful, please leave a comment and send me $1 million dollars. JK. Love you, Mean it.


10 Responses to “True Story – my Twitter following increased by 100 in 24 hours”

  1. I’m ‘twittering’ as I post this…because I am NOT familiar with this site and I am a FB addict! My husband will be frightened if I take on one more ‘addiction’. However, your pratical advice on how to survive and gain followers is intriguing. Hmmmmm… might bring on an i-phone! Thanks for your down-to-earth advice!

  2. great tips! I noticed that people are very thankful if you retweet. also being helpful is a must πŸ™‚
    dm stands for direct message, i think

  3. everythinginorder Says:

    Romission, thank you for leaving a comment. Isn’t it amazing that the phrase “thank you” is the most powerful one. Did you Mom always remind you to say thank you to everyone for everything? Mine did and once again, Mom was right.

    Carmen, I’m not trying to be a “twitter evangelist” but now I rarely even log onto facebook except to do a quick catch up with friends. Twitter is a powerful tool for social networking and I know that sounds vague but tune in here to learn more about it. Thank you for your comment. I feel the love!

  4. Good stuff. I like Twitter but always feel tempted to “shine up” what I am doing because I never feel like I’m doing anything all that interesting.

  5. everythinginorder Says:

    Jon, if you hang out you will see that the same people who post that they just had lunch with Guy Kawasaki and have booked a public speaking engagement at some big fancy convention are the SAME folks that tweet that they’ve just decided to make a sandwich. Actually, the more you post even mundane friendly chatter, the more viable and valuable you become…especially if you help people find solutions to problems or help with info. C’mon Jon that’s not really the reason you don’t hang out on twitter is it? It’s probably because you are busy signing on a big book deal…just sayin. πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m afraid I’ll have to hold onto my $1million dollars – the big boss would probably ask “under what budget” with some really distorted looking expression…but I do want to thank. Tip #5 never occurred to me (the DM part). I’ll pick that up immediately!

  7. Here is your 1M USD. πŸ™‚
    The suggestions are quite good. Just a quick question: Do you not choose your leaders?
    I guess its better to choose your leads carefully. How else do you keep important information from blabber?

  8. love the pink around here.

  9. everythinginorder Says:

    Ujjwal, I think the answer to that question will take an entire new blog to really dive into. It really depends on what your objective is. The post is directed towards interest in getting your follower numbers high. Even if I were to choose my leaders with acute accuracy, I would still end up receiving a high amount of important info that I could never keep up with even if I sat here watching twitter feed all day. I think there are different personality types and different motives so there is a different answer for a variety of people. Again, I’ll have to dedicate a separate post to this to really go into it. I’m not claiming to be an “expert” — these are just my observations. By the way, I enjoy some of the blabber, depending on my mood…in fact, I am known for blabbing random goodness that is useless except for a laugh…but then again, if laughter is the best medicine, I am helping to heal the world (rofl!!). The followers I tend to get rid of are usually the ones who use profanity or are trying to scam someone.

  10. everythinginorder Says:

    Thank you for the comment…I LOVE this color, too. The artist who designed this site for me chose the design and color selection based upon what he knows about me and what I like…and perhaps even the “vibe” I give off? (oh where oh where has my social governor gone?)

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