Tip #8 — Only touch it once!

Only touch what once? Your mail, of course!

In a past life, when I was a full-time professional organizer, one of the main issues for people who had chaotic offices or homes was letting mail pile up. The rule of thumb is only touch it once. Let me illustrate from a truly real life event that happened in my very own home today.

(1) I brought the mail inside and sorted the mail into three piles: one pile to throw out, and a pile each for my hubby and me
(2) The junk mail went into the trash immediately as I fantasized about writing a letter to each company sending me junk asking for list removal
(3) I took my one piece of mail (my Verizon Wireless bill) and walked over to my laptop, opened my online bill-pay account and paid my bill…voila…bada bing, bada boom…kazam!…I’ll stop now, I’m sure you get the point.

I can already hear you arguing that life isn’t always that perfect and that sometimes when you walk in with the mail there are twenty other things screaming for your attention. I’m not always able to carry out this idea either, but when I do it’s like nirvana.


3 Responses to “Tip #8 — Only touch it once!”

  1. This is so true! I try to deal with bills, documents that need to be filed, etc. right away. I helped my dad with a problem over the phone once because I went to the file, pulled out the piece of paper and voila- problem solved and I didn’t have to ransack my house to find the document.

  2. Here! Here! You are so right on about this! The minute I bring it in, I sort through it, trash most of it, and file the bills in my weekly follow-up file. I don’t like to pay the bills immediately, but rather a day or so before they’re due (if paying on line). I’d rather keep the money in my account, drawing interest, until it’s absolutely necessary to release it!

  3. That is a very good tip…I have a big problem with mail piling up, both at home, and also in my email inbox! I will definately give it a try!

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