Randomness and Twitter Counts

Funny the difference a day can make. At the risk of you all referring to my as “Sybil”, I think I am changing my entire stance on “quality vs quantity” on Twitter. Now that I’m inching very close to 1,000 followers, I am also beginning to delete some of MLM peeps and snake-oil salesmen. Having said that, there is something wonderful about enjoying the randomness of meeting all kinds of people from all over the world, with all kinds of viewpoints and backgrounds. This is all still so new to me that I’m enjoying discovering as I go. (Note to self: find out what Tweetdeck is.)


One Response to “Randomness and Twitter Counts”

  1. marybethstockdale Says:

    TweetDeck is the only way to go if using web to twitter. You can sort @replies, DMs and even set up a group that you want to be alerted when they post. It’s free at tweetdeck.com Cool tip, TweetDeck will give you ADD if you have it alert you everytime someone updates. To control, go to settings and check only the box that says “Show notification window”. That will turn off tweeting sound and alert only when a reply, DM or specified group Happy tweeting~

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