Just be you

It sounds cliche but these last few weeks I’ve learned the wisdom in “just being me”. When I originally began my journey (or shall we call it an experiment?) on Twitter, I didn’t want to be perceived as one more person jumping on the “social media expertise” bandwagon. I purposely downplayed the business side of my skillsets and described myself on twitter like so: “Christ-follower. I love biking, blogging and baking.” The three B’s are supposed to be kind of funny because they all start with B. Yes, I know my sense of humor is weird.

Lately, I’ve received several inquiries from some rather influential and successful people via twitter. I asked one of these people “what attracted you to click through to learn more about me from twitter to my blog”. His answer totally shocked me. He said: “I was interested in learning more about you because you love to bake.”

My takeaway this week is to revel in your uniqueness. Just be who you are. And to repeat a phrase I heard eons ago, but it still works today “God didn’t make no junk”. Word.


4 Responses to “Just be you”

  1. We started following you because you followed Christ!
    Bob Lewis

  2. everythinginorder Says:

    Thank you Bob. You made my day!

  3. Thanks! I really needed to hear that today. I started following you because I love the title of your blog. God really is a God of timing, sequence and order.

    Grace and Peace,
    Jimmy aka Pastor J

  4. everythinginorder Says:

    Jimmy, yes He is “God of timing, sequence and order.” Your kind comment came at the exact moment I needed to hear some confirmation that this blog might actually be helpful to someone someday. So, thank you for taking the time to post. You made my day!

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