Blissdom – it was such an “organic” conference

Lands End Bag

Lands End Bag

Random observations: The speakers on the panels used the word “organic” a bizillion times (okay I’m exaggerating but it was a lot) much the way you would hear the phrase “paradigm shift” a few years back…basically to describe how you discreetly slip in advertising links or affiliate marketing into your blog without in-your-face banner ads. Like this:

Yesterday I was completely overwhelmed with unpacking from my trip to Nashville for Blissdom. I had a TON of laundry, stuff in piles everywhere, and quite frankly didn’t know where to start. So, in the true spirit of procrastination, I decided what my main priority was. The task that rose to the top was: REDEEEMING MY DELICIOUS COUPON FROM CROC FOR $50 ONLINE — WHOOOOOTTTTTT!! Thank you Croc people. You sure know the way to my heart.

Lands End — I’ve got to through you some love, too. The kewl canvas bag with pink edging and oh so many pockets is zactly what I wanted…and THANK YOU for not putting blissdom logo on it. All the blissdom gals were so happy to get a LandsEnd bag that was clean and free of advertisements. I truly heart you LandsEnd.


2 Responses to “Blissdom – it was such an “organic” conference”

  1. I totally have turned my Land’s End bag into my new diaper/carry everything for the kids bag! I ❤ it!

  2. That my friend is a great idea Secret Agent Mama and I so agree Carole about the no logo. NICE!

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