“Closet Sitting” – My Definition of an EXTREMELY good/great Girlfriend


I can’t wait to tell Debba about this on the girlfriendology radio show next week! This is one of the BEST girlfriend stories ever!

I’ve been dreading and putting off forever, going through my closets and pitching what doesn’t fit, or anything I haven’t worn in a year or so. I CAN’T STAND TO DO IT ALONE! Perhaps I’m undisciplined or perhaps I think it’s a social sport. Here’s the story of what transpired TODAY!:

– I begged my neighbor/friend to come over and sit on the bed while I went through my clothes piece by piece.

– What an angel. She came over today, the exact day I asked her to.

– To me, this is nothing less than a miracle.

– I am relieved, and happy and about 50 pounds lighter of clothes I don’t want anymore.

– And, best of all, out of the discarded items, I was able to deliver a gorgeous coat to my very pregnant girlfriend. I had bought years ago at Henri Bendel (a very upscale store in Columbus). I bought it on sale, even though it was too big for me. I knew it would be a PERFECT FIT – and it was!

So here’s a tip from WANNA-BE organizer. Beg your girlfriend to come over and sit while you go through your stuff. It is a lot easier to do with moral support.

If you leave a comment below and set a target date to accomplish this, I’ll keep on ya until you get it done. To me, getting up the nerve to ask someone to sit while I do this was the hard part. The easy part was throwing stuff out in piles!! Next stop: Salvation Army.


4 Responses to ““Closet Sitting” – My Definition of an EXTREMELY good/great Girlfriend”

  1. Thanks for pimping Girlfriendology on your cool blog! I love your girlfriend story – can I use it on Girlfriendology as a guest blog with a link to your cool site? (And use any photos?)

    You are a great girlfriend! I’m so glad we’ve reconnected and have each other for support and cheerleading!

    Big hugs – you organized girlfriend! Debba

  2. Well, thank goodness I’m not alone! I still need help.

    My mom helped me do this. When I started my current business, I still had a ton of inventory and supplies left from my old business. We used to laugh and say we had a 2 car – no car garage, because we couldn’t fit a car in either one.

    The first year, Mom came for a Week and helped me clear out the garages, sorting into keep, sell, toss and donate piles. We had a massive yard sale that year, and sold off quite a bit of the supplies and finished items. Everything that I kept piled neatly in one garage, and everything left over from the yard sale went to the Thrift Store. She was ruthless in tossing stuff I wanted to keep, but those big black garbage bags were a good deterrent to keep me from seeing what was in there and fishing it back out. It was hard for me to give up so much that was a part of my life for so long.

    Last year was a little easier to let go of ‘stuff’ in my basement work room. The yard sale didn’t go as well, but we still tossed quite a bit of old supplies, and miscellaneous ‘things’. She was actually digging in the bags after I threw out stuff. Funny thing, she brought me a whole box of stuff at Christmas that she took home with her to sell at her sales. Go figure.

    I was able to donate a ton of supplies and gift items to the local Senior Center and Recreation Department. That felt so good!

    I wish my eBay pile wasn’t so big now. Some things I just can’t part with yet.


  3. That’s a good friend. WHOO HOO! 🙂

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