CROCalicious! Further ramblings on Blissdom09 goodness.

Malindi Crocs

Malindi Crocs

Yesterday was the first day I wore my new Malindi crocs. I wanted to wear them for an entire day before I wrote about them here. These are THE MOST comfortable pair of shoes in the universe (ok, maybe next to bunny slippers). And they are so cute! I’m wearing them again today but without socks this time because I like to see the toe cleavage and because it’s really warming up outside. Thank you wonderful Croc people! (For those of you who don’t know, Crocs gave each of the Blissdom09 conference attendees a gift cert for $50 — majorly gracious of them!) If you are one of my wonderful girlfriends from Blissdom09, (1) what kind of crocs did you order (2) did you get them yet and (3) do you love them?


5 Responses to “CROCalicious! Further ramblings on Blissdom09 goodness.”

  1. .oO I love those, Carole.

    I don’t know what to get; I’m still deciding!

  2. I already had the Malindi leoapards and I wore them to the PJ party at BlissDom because to me they ARE more comfy than bunny slippers! For my free pair, I got teh Sassari – very cute open-toe wedge-heel sandal for spring & summer. LOVE IT! LOVE CROCS!

  3. Omigosh, those are super cute!
    I haven’t decided yet either. I like Crocs heels but feel like I’d wear the flats more often. And now that you’re talking about how comfy they are – hmmm….total dilemma!

  4. hey there Carole, you’re making me wish I had gotten that pair. I got Olivia and they are much like yours but they are red. I love them so far but know I will even love them more when it is warm out and i can wear them with cropped pants.

  5. Oh I do love them. I went to redeem my croc coupon today because of you…. Thanks for the reminder.

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