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Christmas Eve

Posted in Christianity / Spirituality, Family, Friends, Home / Husband / Married Life with tags , , , on December 30, 2008 by Carole Hicks

This photo on Christmas Eve represents a very special moment in time for me.  This Christmas is not my year to “have my daughters” with me and so on these every-other-year holidays, I often wonder how I am going to handle it…and, of course, I pray and ask God for strength to make it through.  Our dear friends, Liz & Johan, invited us this year to spend Christmas Eve with them at their home.  Liz’s sister, Amy, and her family were there as well as Liz’ friend Theresa and her family…so the house was FILLED with kids, laughter, noise, great food and fun.

Early in the evening, I began to ask the families to pose in front of the tree so that I could then give them some group photos.  Amy kindly asked if Darryl and I would like to have a photo with just us in front of the tree…I was thrilled!  So, D and I plopped down on the floor for our photo.  Suddenly, as if a giant magnet was turned on, some of the kids rushed into the picture and surrounded us (as you see here).  The parents in the room began pulling the kids off us and telling them to leave us alone so that we could get a shot without anyone else in it.  I thought to myself “are you kidding, this is wonderful!” and I told the parents to let them stay…and this is why you see this giant smile on my face.  My own kids couldn’t be with me this year, but THE GREAT PROVIDER landed some kids on my lap, even if only temporary…then again, kids are always temporary anyway…they always grow up.



Janet’s new puppy — Lorna Doone

Posted in Christianity / Spirituality, Family, Friends on November 27, 2008 by Carole Hicks

Janet has a new puppy named Lorna Doone….named after Larry’s favorite cookie.  Larry was a dear friend and an elder at our church.  We all miss him dearly.  He made the best apple pie and was a devoted and loving husband to Janet.  I loved teasing him in the church bookstore about ordering more Votivo candles.  Aubrey and Emily are shown here enjoying the puppy to pieces.


Shiny, Happy People

Posted in Family, Home / Husband / Married Life on August 25, 2008 by Carole Hicks

Me and Darryl in a very happy moment in time.

Me and My Girls

Posted in Family on August 25, 2008 by Carole Hicks

We had such a great time this summer…I miss em!!

My sister-in-law, Elaine…not just a relative but also a friend

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468 Harley miles through Amish Country, Shipshewana, IN

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This is typical of the beautiful scenery we saw as we drove through Amish country…just gorgeous.

Amish Country — buggy ride — Darryl & Elaine

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