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Test. Only a test.


Last Post Here — Mama’s got a brand new DOMAIN — woot!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 13, 2009 by Carole Hicks

Hey yall. This is my last post here. I bought a domain at — come say hi!

What do Curtis Estridge and Liz Strauss have in common?

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What do Curtis Estridge and Liz Strauss have in common?

Answer: They both rock.

I hired Curtis to give my blog a professional facelift. He created this awesome header using motorcycle pipes and colored pencils (because my readers are so intelligent I will not explain the symbolism!). I met Liz Strauss on Twitter and to my surprise she actually talked to me and asked if I would be interested in some web-blog tweaking. Her comments were eXtremely mega-helpful. Read about it on her blog. You’ll see some before and after pics of my blog layout. I couldn’t be happier with the improvements.

By the way, Curtis Estridge and his partner, Gerrard Wise, are both graduates of the school of advertising art in Kettering/Dayton, Ohio.

Curtis was awesome to work with. He spent almost a day at my house tweaking my site and making it beautiful. His fees are very affordable and he is reliable, honest, dependable and everything else you’d want in a designer/artist!

Guy Kawasaki – best use of time is Twitter or Blogging?

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Guy Kawasaki at this week. I’m still trying to get my mind wrapped around one of Guy’s comments. When asked “what is a better use of time: keeping my blog up-to-date or investing time into Twitter?” His answer really surprised me. He said Twitter. I’d love to find out why he said that. What do YOU think?

True Story – my Twitter following increased by 100 in 24 hours

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on January 20, 2009 by Carole Hicks

I’ve had a few inquiries as to how I went from 500 to over 600 Twitter followers in only one day. (For those of you reading this who don’t use Twitter, Twitter is like facebook on steroids. If you don’t use facebook, I don’t know how to describe it. You have to experience it to understand it.) The following advice is just off the top of my head and written in normal, girlfriend-to-girlfriend speak — I am not, I repeat, I am not a technical guru. I’m just like you.

1. Don’t worry about the possibility of following or being followed by someone creepy…if someone ends up being creepy, you can simply remove them from your list. Twitter is NOT facebook. You won’t necessarily always know your followers and the folks who follow you. Don’t be so paranoid. It’s a brave, new world.
2. Don’t get into the Twitter ring thinking this will be a “get rich quick” scheme. If you are someone who markets to the masses and tries to spam on this place, you will be ignored mostly. It won’t work.
3. If you like to help people and find solutions to problems, you will find your way here easily.
4. If you copy and paste something someone else says, post their name and an “@” sign before their name — also put “RT” at beginning of post, which stands for “retweet”. This is common courtesy on Twitter — giving credit to the originator of the post. When you give credit to tweepls, you will be respected and thanked.
5. Click on “followers” every day and follow everyone back with a thank you note by DM (direct mail)
7. If you are looking to increase your numbers to increase your credibility, go to a well-known social media person (Liz Strauss, for example) and follow them…then begin to follow who THEY follow.

That’s it for now. If this was helpful, please leave a comment and send me $1 million dollars. JK. Love you, Mean it.

Tip #6 — baby steps & mini-goals

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Do I have big goals written out on paper…yup.  Do I accomplish these goals…most not.  However, I do accomplish the mini-goals that lead up to the mini goal!  I am a dreamer.  A friend once said that if no one is laughing at the bigness of your dreams, then you are not dreaming big enough (or something like that).  So, my tip of the day is, go ahead and dream big and set big goals…but also write a bunch of mini-goals that you can successfully achieve that will lead up to the goal.  Raise your hand if this makes sense…hmmm, I can’t see you…leave a comment since I can’t see you.

Art college recruiting

Posted in Uncategorized on September 20, 2008 by Carole Hicks

In case you are one of the two people who lurk on my blog and you’re wondering what I “do for a living”…I’m a college recruiter. I have the pleasure of discovering talented young people while they are still in high school. Here is an example of a junior in high school…a self portrait created with graphite pencil.