Fun, Funky, Fabulous — FRIDAY! BlogTalkRadio today at 2:00 pm EST

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The Super-fabulous SUGARjones

The Super-fabulous SUGARjones

Having fun, fabulous girlfriends like Debba and SugarJones help me keep my chaotic life “in order.” Life can be stressful. Can I get an amen? To destressitize myself, I love nothing more than just chatting it up with some friends who really know how to make me laugh. Just as an fyi, people ask about the “value” of Twitter. I met SugarJones on Twitter and then in person at Blissdom09. How’s THAT for value!

The three of us will be gabbing and getting nostalgic about Blissdom09 today on BlogHer radio at 2:00 p.m. EST. For info on tuning in to the show, visit Debba’s website.


CROCalicious! Further ramblings on Blissdom09 goodness.

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Malindi Crocs

Malindi Crocs

Yesterday was the first day I wore my new Malindi crocs. I wanted to wear them for an entire day before I wrote about them here. These are THE MOST comfortable pair of shoes in the universe (ok, maybe next to bunny slippers). And they are so cute! I’m wearing them again today but without socks this time because I like to see the toe cleavage and because it’s really warming up outside. Thank you wonderful Croc people! (For those of you who don’t know, Crocs gave each of the Blissdom09 conference attendees a gift cert for $50 — majorly gracious of them!) If you are one of my wonderful girlfriends from Blissdom09, (1) what kind of crocs did you order (2) did you get them yet and (3) do you love them?

I’d rather be wearing Bunny Slippers

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I heart bunny slippers

I heart bunny slippers


I have a bizzillion pairs of shoes and boots. I am not bragging, just sayin. I probably only wear 30-40% of the shoes/boots I own. I swear that someday, yes someday soon, I shall have a shoe/closet purge — just like I did with my clothing recently — and keep only what I truly need/want so that someone else can benefit from them.

I’ve gotta say though, my fav shoes are my bunny slippers. My bunny slippers represent (to me, at least) working from my home office. At present, I probably spend 1/3 of my work time working from my home office but the rest of the time, I can be found in my car or in a high school classroom recruiting kids to the college I work for.

But truly, deeply and really, I aim to someday work from home all the time while wearing my bunny slippers.

What kind of shoes would YOU be wearing if you had YOUR dream job?

“Closet Sitting” – My Definition of an EXTREMELY good/great Girlfriend

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I can’t wait to tell Debba about this on the girlfriendology radio show next week! This is one of the BEST girlfriend stories ever!

I’ve been dreading and putting off forever, going through my closets and pitching what doesn’t fit, or anything I haven’t worn in a year or so. I CAN’T STAND TO DO IT ALONE! Perhaps I’m undisciplined or perhaps I think it’s a social sport. Here’s the story of what transpired TODAY!:

– I begged my neighbor/friend to come over and sit on the bed while I went through my clothes piece by piece.

– What an angel. She came over today, the exact day I asked her to.

– To me, this is nothing less than a miracle.

– I am relieved, and happy and about 50 pounds lighter of clothes I don’t want anymore.

– And, best of all, out of the discarded items, I was able to deliver a gorgeous coat to my very pregnant girlfriend. I had bought years ago at Henri Bendel (a very upscale store in Columbus). I bought it on sale, even though it was too big for me. I knew it would be a PERFECT FIT – and it was!

So here’s a tip from WANNA-BE organizer. Beg your girlfriend to come over and sit while you go through your stuff. It is a lot easier to do with moral support.

If you leave a comment below and set a target date to accomplish this, I’ll keep on ya until you get it done. To me, getting up the nerve to ask someone to sit while I do this was the hard part. The easy part was throwing stuff out in piles!! Next stop: Salvation Army.

What if you knew you had 30 days left to live?

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Do you think Elvis was an organized guy? Do you think there is any correlation between knowing who you are and being organized? What if you found out you only had 30 days left to live?

Personally, the more authentic I become, the more organized I become because I whittle out the things in life that don’t matter. I’m spending the bulk of my time focusing my attention on things that matter in the perspective of living eternally. If I thought that this life was all there is, I’d definitely be involved in a “get rich quick” scheme.

I’d love to hear what really matters to you. If you knew you only had 30 more days to live, what would you do differently in the next hour, in the next day, and the next month?

Love me tender. Love me true. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Elvis - artwork in the lobby of Preston Hotel, Nashville

Elvis - artwork in the lobby of Preston Hotel, Nashville

Blissdom – it was such an “organic” conference

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Lands End Bag

Lands End Bag

Random observations: The speakers on the panels used the word “organic” a bizillion times (okay I’m exaggerating but it was a lot) much the way you would hear the phrase “paradigm shift” a few years back…basically to describe how you discreetly slip in advertising links or affiliate marketing into your blog without in-your-face banner ads. Like this:

Yesterday I was completely overwhelmed with unpacking from my trip to Nashville for Blissdom. I had a TON of laundry, stuff in piles everywhere, and quite frankly didn’t know where to start. So, in the true spirit of procrastination, I decided what my main priority was. The task that rose to the top was: REDEEEMING MY DELICIOUS COUPON FROM CROC FOR $50 ONLINE — WHOOOOOTTTTTT!! Thank you Croc people. You sure know the way to my heart.

Lands End — I’ve got to through you some love, too. The kewl canvas bag with pink edging and oh so many pockets is zactly what I wanted…and THANK YOU for not putting blissdom logo on it. All the blissdom gals were so happy to get a LandsEnd bag that was clean and free of advertisements. I truly heart you LandsEnd.

Chaos, Randomness, Friendship & Order

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Chaos: only weeks ago I began twittering. Just like everyone, I started out not knowing what the heck I was doing.

Randomness: quite randomly, I began chatting via tweet-town with Liz Strauss and we almost instantly had a kindred spirit thing going on (at least that’s MY version). In case you don’t know, she is a guru of social media and one of the most highly-respected peeps online and offline in the social media world.

Friendship: My friend, Debba Haupert, of and I began following each other on Twitter and soon resurrected a friendship that started many years ago. One day last week I found myself in a car with her driving to Nashville to the Blissdom09 Conference. The conference was completely SOLD OUT. At the last minute one person cancelled and I squeezed in. Coincidence? I think not.

Order: I’m not sure where order fits in this narrative but this feels like the wild west and I’m a cowgirl riding a really kewl, fast horse and Everything is in Order but it’s wild!