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Pajama Party with 250 girlfriends

Posted in Blissdom 2009, Girlfriends with tags , on February 28, 2009 by Carole Hicks
Adorable, unidentified pajama party girl from Blissdom09

Adorable, unidentified pajama party girl from Blissdom09

Can someone tell me who this adorable person is in this photo from the pajama party at Blissdom09?

On another note, yesterday Debba Haupert — founder of girlfriendology — interviewed SugarJones and me on BlogHer radio. Have a listen as we relive the fun we had at Blissdom.


Singers from Yanni Project – taken at Blissdom

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Me and the handsome guys from Yanni’s new PBS project coming out in March.

Blissdom 2009 – Nashville

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Social Media / Marketing – Listening to panel chat with Casey Mullins (redneckmommy), Jessica Smith, Michelle Lamar and Amy Lupold Blair. The Sr. Mktg Manager from Walmart is sitting at my table! He is one of the few guys here…mostly female audience.

Most memorable moments so far:
– the art in lobby – dress created from pink crayons
– red velvet wallpaper in elevator
– awesome swag bag from Lands End
– $50 gift certificate to
– sitting outside in the sun
– spending time with LOTS of incredible women.