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Look into My Fridge

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I want to see the inside of your fridge.

I want to see the inside of your fridge.

I have a strange obsession with seeing inside other people’s refrigerators. I’ve always known this but it really became apparent last week at a dinner party in a friends’ home. While we were talking, she opened her fridge and I could not focus on anything she was saying because I was fascinated with seeing inside her frig.

Having said that, I am deeply ashamed at how filthy I have let mine become. I have this weird worry thing that if I die unexpectedly (versus a planned death LOL) my friends and relatives will be in my home going through things and say things like “wow, check out this moldy container of yogurt in Carole’s frig…she always seemed to be so organized…she sure fooled me!”

Anyhoo, the worries/fears got the best of me and I cleaned it out today. Well, almost. I still have to do the drawers and side shelves. But I’ve made huge progress.

Please invite me to your house to see inside your frig, or just sent me a pic. Thank you.


I’d rather be wearing Bunny Slippers

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I heart bunny slippers

I heart bunny slippers


I have a bizzillion pairs of shoes and boots. I am not bragging, just sayin. I probably only wear 30-40% of the shoes/boots I own. I swear that someday, yes someday soon, I shall have a shoe/closet purge — just like I did with my clothing recently — and keep only what I truly need/want so that someone else can benefit from them.

I’ve gotta say though, my fav shoes are my bunny slippers. My bunny slippers represent (to me, at least) working from my home office. At present, I probably spend 1/3 of my work time working from my home office but the rest of the time, I can be found in my car or in a high school classroom recruiting kids to the college I work for.

But truly, deeply and really, I aim to someday work from home all the time while wearing my bunny slippers.

What kind of shoes would YOU be wearing if you had YOUR dream job?

Tip #5 – Mom was right — make your bed!

Posted in get your house in order with tags , , on January 8, 2009 by Carole Hicks

Did your Mom nag you to make your bed?  Mine did and I thought it was a ridiculous thing to obsess about…I’m just going to get right back in it in 12 or so hours and mess it up again, right?  What’s the point?  Here’s the deal internet peeps:  Your bed probably on average takes up about 85% or so of the total square footage of your bedroom.  If every time you walk in or out of your bedroom you see your bed unmade, on a subconscious level sends you a message that your life is “out of order”.  If, however, you make a habit of always having your bed made up when you are done sleeping, you will be sending yourself a message that life is headed in the direction of being organized.  As I type this, it sounds silly but if you try it, you’ll see what I mean.  Now…GO MAKE YOUR BED!  Your mama will be proud.

Tip #3 — Organize Your Thoughts

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What is it that you are looking to organize…is it your work stuff, maybe a closet or an entire house?  Maybe what you are looking to organize and put in order is on a much grander scale.  Here’s the most valuable bit of info I can give you…drop the weight.  Hand over the mess to the one who can put the mess in order.  Beauty from chaos…He specializes in that.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. — Matthew 6:33 NIV

Tip #2 for getting and staying organized

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Clean out your wallet, and if you are a chick after you clean out your wallet, clean out your purse.  Empty out the excess change, make all your bills face the same way (assuming you have any…I rarely carry cash any more!).    I’m not sure what the exact reasoning is behind this gem of a tip, but I know it works.  You have to start with the place you keep your money/credit cards when you are beginning a life reorg project.  Do it, I dare you.  After you do it, leave me a comment and let me know how it feel to have your wallet/purse cleaned out.

AFTER pic — Look at what only 15 minutes can do!

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I literally set the kitchen timer for 15 minutes and voila!  Note the huge laundry basket on the floor.  These were accumulated bits of mail, warranties from new kitchen appliances, instruction manuals, receipts…now everything is put away! (scroll down to see BEFORE pic)


Practical Tip #1 on getting organized — BEFORE pic

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If you have a closet or a space that you just can’t get yourself motivated to dive into…set your kitchen timer for 15 minutes…that’s it, just 15 minutes.   Go tackle your disaster spot or closet for 15 minutes and continue this every day.  You will notice that little by little, you will get through it!  Our problem is that we get overwhelmed but we can handle little 15 minute chunks of time.  Here I go to tackle my disaster area…ready, set, GO!!  This is a photo of my cluttered office space.