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Test. Only a test.


Last Post Here — Mama’s got a brand new DOMAIN — woot!

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Hey yall. This is my last post here. I bought a domain at http://everythingnorder.com — come say hi!

Mama got a new Flip Video Cam!

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Mama Needs a Break

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On Break

On Break

Last week I had a break in the middle of the day before walking in to an appointment. I pulled over into a parking lot, opened up my sun roof, let me seat go all the way back and gazed up into the sky you see in this photograph. That is a symbol for how I feel right now. I need to take a break and just gaze up into the sky. I’ve been working too hard — at work and at home — and I’m depleted.

I feel so selfish saying this because I know people in far worse situations — people who don’t even have jobs to complain about. People who have lost their homes and can’t even complain about housework because they’ve lost their homes.

I’ve been here before. Exhausted. Depleted. In about one hour, I’ll be sitting in church. I am just going to give up and let Him take care of me. I am too lazy to look up the verse and quote it exactly but I think it’s from Matthew and it says something like “All you who are carrying a heavy load, give it to me, I will give you rest. Even if your burden is heavy, take my yoke…it is easy.” I don’t know what the heck a yoke is but I think mules or ox wear them when they plow a field. Anyhoo, sounds good to me.

As always, I welcome your comments. Thanks for hanging out here with me.

Look into My Fridge

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I want to see the inside of your fridge.

I want to see the inside of your fridge.

I have a strange obsession with seeing inside other people’s refrigerators. I’ve always known this but it really became apparent last week at a dinner party in a friends’ home. While we were talking, she opened her fridge and I could not focus on anything she was saying because I was fascinated with seeing inside her frig.

Having said that, I am deeply ashamed at how filthy I have let mine become. I have this weird worry thing that if I die unexpectedly (versus a planned death LOL) my friends and relatives will be in my home going through things and say things like “wow, check out this moldy container of yogurt in Carole’s frig…she always seemed to be so organized…she sure fooled me!”

Anyhoo, the worries/fears got the best of me and I cleaned it out today. Well, almost. I still have to do the drawers and side shelves. But I’ve made huge progress.

Please invite me to your house to see inside your frig, or just sent me a pic. Thank you.

Pajama Party with 250 girlfriends

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Adorable, unidentified pajama party girl from Blissdom09

Adorable, unidentified pajama party girl from Blissdom09

Can someone tell me who this adorable person is in this photo from the pajama party at Blissdom09?

On another note, yesterday Debba Haupert — founder of girlfriendology — interviewed SugarJones and me on BlogHer radio. Have a listen as we relive the fun we had at Blissdom.

Singers from Yanni Project – taken at Blissdom

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Me and the handsome guys from Yanni’s new PBS project coming out in March.